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Our leaders

Our management team

Vanguard's experienced management team ensures that our operations run smoothly and efficiently, always keeping your interests first and foremost. Their long tenure at Vanguard provides a firm sense of stability to both clients and crew. The team is led by chairman and CEO Mortimer J. Buckley and the senior managers listed here.

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Board of directors

As an investor, you deserve to know that your assets are managed carefully with your best interests in mind.

Vanguard's board of directors oversees how Vanguard is organized and operated on behalf of its shareholders, the Vanguard funds*. The Vanguard board comprises 11 directors. Ten are independent directors, meaning that they have no affiliation with Vanguard or the Vanguard funds apart from any investments they may choose to make as individuals. Mark Loughridge serves as the lead independent director. The eleventh director is Vanguard's chief executive officer, Tim Buckley, who is also chairman of the board.

Board diversity

Vanguard recognizes the importance of diversity to the effectiveness of the board. We believe that diversity of thought and perspective, fueled by a broad range of experience and personal characteristics, positions the board to serve our clients' long-term best interests. As noted below, Vanguard's board is currently diverse across multiple dimensions, including beyond those illustrated here. As we also believe that the board's composition and capabilities should enable Vanguard's long-term strategy, diversity is a critical component of the board's ongoing assessment and evolution process.

*The Vanguard Funds are overseen by boards of trustees. The same individuals serve on the Vanguard board of directors and the funds' boards of trustees.